Li Jian

Date of Birth : October 29th 

Birthplace£º Hebei Province 

Height : 182cm

Weight : 70kg

Representative Works : Designation Forever 
The Only Children¡¯s Mothers-in-Laws
The Great Protector
Family Reunion Dinner 
War Spirit 
The Legendary Love between Me and Her
My Third Younger Sister 
The Justice in a Small Town 

Awards : 2015 Jiangsu TV Drama Awards ¨C Most Popular Actor 


Li Jian, a young and talented actor from mainland China, graduated from Beijing Film Academy with a B.A. in Acting. He has successfully portrayed a diverse range of characters, including a good soldier, a reliable son-in-law, a cool doctor, a villain, a loyal lover, and a considerate gentleman. Li Jian is recognized by directors, peers, and audiences alike for his performance skills.  A pillar of the industry, Li Jian enjoys widespread popularity with his audiences.


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