Pan Zhilin

Date of Birth : September 5th 

Birthplace£º Shanghai City

Height : 167cm

Weight :45kg

Representative Works : Mother will Marry 
The Blade
Four Debutantes
Ming Shining Day 

Awards : 2015 Asian Influence Award Oriental Ceremony ¨C Most Potential Actor


Pan Zhilin is a young Chinese actress who never fails to impress audiences with new breakthroughs. The graduate of Beijing Film Academy with a B.A. in Acting was admitted enrollment with exemption from entrance examinations on the basis of outstanding academic performance. She has demonstrated her superior acting skills in a multitude of diverse character portrayals, including a strong soldier, a talented woman, a passionate young lady, a refreshing beauty, a naturalistic painter, and even a cold-hearted killer.These portrayals can serve as a record of her evolution into a great actress.


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