the Content Marketing of the movie Where are We Going? Dad

Johnson*s Baby, Tmall, Ten Wow, and GAC Toyota newly join hands with the original contributing sponsors Sanjiu and Arowana on the movie Where are We Going? Dad. Due to these six enterprises* strong support, the movie Where are We Going? Dad achieved a new record at its box office 
A. The Title Sponsor 每 Mengniu 

Two cartons of milk produced by Mengniu are placed on every night table in every bedroom. Therefore, dads and kids can drink them before going to bed or after getting up so as to enhance their sleep quality and nutrition. Many close-ups of Mengniu products are shot in this movie. 

In addition, Tiantian (Zhang Yuexuan) also becomes the new brand endorser of Mengniu in this movie. When he drops around, he always drinks milk. In this way, Mengniu*s brand products are well presented in front of the audience with high exposure rate.

B. The Contributing Sponsor 每 Arowana

Audience can see the products of Arowana in every room from different angles. And dads always uses Arowana when they cook for the kids.

After communicating with the program team, a special scene is set up for Arowana in this movie---- an empty oil bottle is on the table for Zhang Liang to find. So the audience can see close-ups of Zhang Liang holding the empty oil bottle of Arowana. 
Also, in this way, the plot of Tiantian borrowing Arowana oil from other dads turns out to be natural.

C. The Contributing Sponsor 每 Sanjiu

In every room, there is a medical kit of ※Sanjiu Ganmaoling Pediatric Granules§.After knowing that her dad suffers a cold, the daughter brews ※Sanjiu Ganmaoling Granules§ for him. This kind of warmth serves well to emphasize the effect of Sanjiu Ganmaoling Granules.

D. The Contributing Sponsor 每 Johnson*s Baby 

The products of Johnson*s Baby are placed to suit the angels of cameras, which ensures that every product can get good close-ups. The products of Johnson*s Baby get high exposure in this movie. For example, after helping Tiantian wash his face, Zhang Liang puts some skin care cream of Johnson*s Baby on Tiantian*s face. And when washing Tiantian*s foot, Zhang Liang also uses its products. Those close-ups serve well in improving the products* exposure level and maintaining the brand credibility.

E. The Contributing Sponsor 每 Ten Wow

Ten Wow Honey Citron Tea is another product which gets high exposure in this movie. The products of Ten Wow are on the tables of kitchens, dining rooms and bedrooms. In addition, we also set up a special scene for Tian Wo in which Shitou drinks two bottles of Ten Wow Honey Citron Tea at once. To emphasize on the great taste of Ten Wow Honey Citron Tea, Shitou even goes to Kimi*s place to ask for more of the product to drink.

FㄝThe Contributing Sponsor 每 GAC Toyota

As the only authorized vehicle, the Highlander of GAC Toyota plays a vital role in dads and kids* travelling. Its large interior space can satisfy the requirements of family outings. The high exposure of the Highlander in this movie help consumers know more about its function. And the brand awareness is increased and so are the sales.
BlueFlame also puts Toyota*s toy cars on some striking locations. Once kids see them, they would like to play with them. The audience can see Lin Zhiying and Kimi walk around the house with a toy car together. And Wang Yuelun plays a toy car with his daughter Angelina on the bed. This kind of recessive advertisement is bound to contribute to the brand reorganization of GAC Toyota.

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