The Content Marketing of the Reality Show Where Are We Going? Dad

 Sanjiu Ganmaoling Granules and Sanjiu Ganmaoling Pediatric Granules

The fact that BlueFlame is able to pinpoint the most suitable reality show for sponsors with its unique market insight makes it very competitive. It is all sponsors desire to find a project which is loved by the audience and can embody the characteristics of the brand. The reality show Where Are We Going? Dad is very much like a documentary which vividly records the interaction between dads and kids. That¡¯s why Sanjiu decides to be the title sponsor of this reality show.

The slogan of Sanjiu is ¡°to protect your love and your family¡±. To embody this slogan, Where Are We Going? Dad organized various relevant offline activities in which people can learn about disease prevention in parent-children activities. In a long time, Sanjiu¡¯s marketing mainly relies on mouth-to-mouth advertisement and traditional advertisement on TV. But this content marketing contributes a great deal to Sanjiu¡¯s brand credit and reputation.

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