The Content marketing of Bring Happiness Home

Sponsor: Pepsi

Since Hunan TV and Happy Camp share the same characteristics including joy and youth, BlueFlame customized this movie for the Happy Family Team to celebrate the New Year Holidays. By integrating those characteristics into the movie, the audience recognition of the movie is improved. And this movie also enriched the brand of Happy Camp, bringing it new meaning. In the publication of the movie, the advantage of Hunan TV is made most of. By means including playing its trial in prime time at high frequency and placing recessive advertisement in Happy Camp, Hunan TV made essential contribution to the box office of the movie.   

Fierce battle always takes place in Chinese cinemas during New Year Holidays since it is the time when movies can receive most attention from the audience and skyrocket in box office. Many brands also initiate market campaigns during this time such as the China New Year Plan of Pepsi (CNY Plan). The slogan of Pepsií»s CNY plan in that year is í░Bring Happiness Homeí▒. Therefore, after thorough consideration, BlueFlame decided to cooperate with Pepsi, combining the content marketing of the movie with Pepsií»s CNY Plan. So the movie is named with Pepsií»s CNY slogan ---- Bring Happiness Home

The plot, scene setting, lines and properties of the movie all demonstrate the concepts of joy, desire, hope, love, belief, change, comprehensively embody the theme Bring Happiness Home. In addition, Happy Family members also became the ambassador of Pepsií»s products, helping Pepsi maintain its brand reputation. Due to the successful content marketing, the movie Bring Happiness Home acquired the Marketing Communication Excellent Case of the 5th China Advertisement Summit Jiyuan Awards and Excellent Marketing Case of 2013 China Advertisement Great Well Awards 

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