The Content Marketing of Because love is Beautiful (Also named Because Love is Sunny)

Sponsors: BLOVE  

Modern urban dramas are based on ordinary life. And we are all exposed to all kinds of brands in our daily life. In this TV drama, cosmetics and jewelry brand are essential in the development of the plot, which cast great influence on the career, family and love life of the characters. The reputation and the content of BLOVE and STEROREA are well demonstrated. Due to this drama, BLOVE and STEROREA enjoy ever-growing brand recognition and reputation in customers and consumers.  

Based on the characteristics of BLOVE and STEROREA, BlueFlame tailored various plots for these sponsors. For example, the main character in this drama Ye Nandi is the director of the Design Department of BLOVE. He is a very talented young man and BLOVE is established and managed by his family. In this drama, BLOVE is cooperating with Lin Organization on the Wedding Ring Design Center which customizes wedding ring for clients. This is an essential setting which plays a vital part in the development of the story. Other examples of tailored plots are as below.

Plot One:
Lin Duomei lays great emphasis on nutrition and diet. Therefore, her diet always contains American avocado, Australian nut and Mediterranean olive, which are also the ingredients of STEROREA. This is her secret to maintain her skin in great condition,many people come to her to ask about it.

Plot Two:
When Wenxin goes to beauty salon while she is pregnant, she brings the products of STEROREA with her because she is afraid that other cosmetics may contain unsafe ingredients. This plot is to demonstrate that STEROREA¡¯s products are safe and natural. 

Plot Three:
Mistaken STEROREA¡¯s product as jelly, Lin Duojun eats it. When everyone is nervous about if he is going to have food poisoning, his test result shows he is just fine. This plot also emphasizes that STEROREA¡¯s products are extremely safe so customers can trust this brand. 

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