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Sponsor: Sanjiu
Product: Sanjiu Ganmaoling Granules

The core concept Sanjiu Ganmaoling Granules is trying to send is ¡°it¡¯s warm and considerate. And even having a cold can be a chance to experience happiness¡±. So BlueFlame¡¯s goal in this content marketing project is to embody this concept in this TV drama.

To achieve this goal, BlueFlame put a lot of emphasis on customizing plots for Sanjiu. Here are some representative example: 

Plot One:
Due to excessive overtime and stress, he catches a severe cold. But Lu Licheng is a very masculine person and he wouldn¡¯t let other people know about it. However, Su Man notices that and she leaves a bowl of noodles and a box of Sanjiu Ganmaoling Granules at Lu Licheng¡¯s door. After Lu Licheng finds them, he cannot help thinking about Su Man. From then on, Su Man becomes special to him. 

Plot Two:
Su Man is waiting for Song Xiang¡¯s response in downpour. That¡¯s when Song Xiang finally gets to know Su Man is his schoolfellow and the cyber friend he has been talking to. So he is deeply moved and he accepts Su Man¡¯s love. After it, he brings Su Man a cup of Sanjiu Ganmaoling Granules to warm her up. With this hot drink in her hands, Su Man feels all the efforts she has made in last ten years are well rewarded. This cup of Sanjiu Ganmaoling Granules reflects the warm love between Su Man and Song Xiang. 

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