GIONEE ELIFE ---- Naming Rights of Super Brain

The target audience of GIONEE is mainly fashionable young people. Due to its chic look and bright color, GIONEE is very popular among the young. Under the background that companies needed to pay a great deal in order to sponsor any established golden reality show, BlueFlame pinpointed Super Brain, a new reality show of great potential, for GIONEE elife smart phone with its market insights. Since its first broadcast in January 2014, the viewership of Super Brain has experienced a steady growth. Not only it ranked first in national TV viewership, it also became a hit on the Internet. 

Ever since GIONEE launched its smart phone project in November 2011, the youthful ELIFE and the high-end Tianjian phones have become its representative products. Under that circumstance, to serve the publicity of GIONEE, BlueFlame initiated an all-round marketing campaign in which Super Brain is the core. Emphasizing on the cutting-edge technology of GIONEE, BlueFlame successfully established in-depth communication with the target audience of GIONEE in a delightful way. 

The stage property is a highlight of Super Brain. To emphasize on the cutting edge technology of GIONEE, its smart phone was used as a vital stage property in this reality show. When GIONEE ELIFE S5.5 was launched, BlueFlame managed to demonstrate this product in this reality show together with the Korean superstar Kim Soo Hyun. 

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