Ultimate Crossover and The Greatest love Won Two awards of ¡°2016 Fingertip Variety Show List"
TIME:2017-01-13   AUTHOR:HLBN

On January 13th, the fingertip Variety Mobile impact Forum and ¡°Fingertip variety show list" release conference sponsored by the Media Internal Reference kicked off in Beijing. Ultimate Crossover that produced by HLBN and Guangdong Blue Flame Culture Media Co., Ltd. won the title of ¡°The first camp of 2016 Chinese TV variety¡±, The Greatest love won the title of ¡° Ten interesting and meaningful variety show 2016¡±. 

Founded in 2014, Media Internal Reference focus on the analysis of the characteristics of the principle of content production, and the character story behind the story. It is not only the pioneer of the traditional radio and television transformation, but also a hot guide for new media. 

After nearly two months of preliminary research interview, and scientific weight calculation of all the indicators of the standard form data, as well as many experts¡¯ audit review, ¡°Media Internal Reference 2016 fingertip variety show list" is with highly authoritative. The outstanding Ultimate Crossover and The Greatest love are highly recognized for their original value and influence. 

Ultimate Crossover is created by the Beijing TV station, HLBN , Guangdong blue flame culture media Co., Ltd. , Xinbaoyuan, Beijing satellite media, Beijing Media, Beijing culture, the SKYWORTH group. People Daily, Guangming Daily and other mainstream media think highly of this TV program. 

The Greatest love is co-launched by Hunan satellite TV, HLBN and Guangdong blue flame culture media Co., Ltd. The program got a high degree of public concern after the first season of 2016, and continuously gains honor with impressive ratings and excellent reputation.

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