HLBN showcased at the Hongkong International Film Exhibition with Midnight Diner and The King's Woman
TIME:2017-03-17   AUTHOR:HLBN

On March 16th, the four-day-long 21st Hong Kong International Film and TV Market came to an end successfully. HLBN also participated in the event with the latest TV dramas. As Asia's largest film festival, the Hong Kong International Film and TV Market has long attracted the attention of the world's leading producers, distributors, investors and industry representatives. This year's film exhibition attracted about 800 exhibitors from more than 30 countries and regions, and more than 200 exhibitors from over 15 "Belt and Road Initiative¡± countries to participate in, which expanded international exchanges and business opportunities.

As the domestic leading media entertainment group, HLBN debuted in Hong Kong International Film and TV Market and exchanged with nearly 150 customers from Hong Kong and Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia and Europe with many new dramas and varieties, such as Midnight Diner, The King¡¯s Woman, Husbands¡¯ Secret Stash, War Flowers, etc. . Of which, Midnight Diner and The King¡¯s Woman attracted great attention on site and a lot of customers and exhibitors frequently asked questions, and greatly appreciated the quality of the play, expressing the hope of further negotiations.

TV drama "Midnight Diner" is adapted from the comic book with same name written by Japanese cartoonist Abe Yaro, it is staged by a diner which is located in a lane of bustling city and opens at midnight. By combining the boss and all kinds of guests with all kinds of home cooked dishes, it brings warm stories to the audience with delicious food. This play is directed by the famous director Cai Yuexun, and main casts are Huang Lei, Mark Chao, Ning Chang, etc. The drama is expected to be broadcast in Zhejiang satellite TV and Beijing satellite TV in the 2nd quarter of 2017.

Youth costume blockbuster The King¡¯s Woman is starred by Dilraba and Zhang Binbin, telling the conspiracy and love story between the King¡¯s palace and the outside world. In addition to the famous actors and actresses, this TV drama also boasts famous director Mr. Liu Xin, famous screenwriter Ms. Chen Huiru, Fashion Stylist Chen Minzheng, etc, who work together to guarantee the quality of the drama. The King¡¯s Woman is expected to broadcast in Zhejiang satellite TV and Youku in 2017. With the above factors, this drama will surely become one of the most popular costume dramas in 2017.

Since 2002, HLBN has been committed to open up overseas markets, and enjoyed high reputation and influence in overseas same industry, won the title of ¡°National cultural export key enterprises¡± for five consecutive years. Through this exhibition, HLBN not only further expand the company's drama influence in the overseas distribution, but also actively expand the introduction of business. HLBN will continue to uphold the quality strategy to create the outstanding film and television works that influence home and abroad markets.

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