Mr. Guo¡¯s LoveHD

  • Genre£ºModern
  • Episodes£º34
  • Director£ºLiu Xin
  • Broadcast date£ºApril, 2015
  • Runtime£º45 Minutes
  • Cast£ºLin Yongjian, Yao Qianyu
  • First Broadcasting Station£ºGuangdong TV and Guizhou TV 
  • Synopsis£ºGuo Dongsheng returns home after having worked overseas for ten years. His rebellious young daughter cannot understand the reasons for his divorce with her mother, nor his decision to go abroad afterwards. Feeling he owes a lot to his daughter, Guo Dongsheng tries to make a mends with her; however, his daughter has already long regarded Shen Lian, who has been taking care of her for more than ten years, as a more important parent figure. Shen Lian warms the father and the daughter with her selfless love and tolerance, helping them through this difficult period. Moved by Shen Lian¡¯s kindness and love, Guo Dongsheng falls in love with her. Unfortunately, Shen Lian is diagnosed with an incurable disease.


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