The Golden YearsHD

  • Genre£ºModern
  • Episodes£º42
  • Director£ºYan Jiangang
  • Broadcast date£ºNovember, 2015
  • Runtime£º45 Minutes
  • Cast£ºZhang Fengyi, Yan Bingyan, Zuo Xiaoqing
  • First Broadcasting Station£ºAnhui TV, Guangdong TV
  • Synopsis£ºThe young, educated Shi Debao adopts a child named Shi Fangyuan when he is in a Northeastern village for reeducation during China¡¯s Great Cultural Revolution. Following the revolution, when Shi Debao returns to city with the child, he has to start up a new life for himself. He works hard to earn a living, trying out jobs as a bus driver, a salesman, and a waiter.With the skills he has inherited from family, he also fixes some furniture in the alley ways, and, by chance, impresses the manager of a furniture company with his abilities, who offers him a job. He is then promoted to become an assistant to the General Manager. Later, with the help of his first love, Luo Xiaoma, Shi registers a trademark and starts his own company.


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