Beginning of the Great RevivalHD

  • Genre£ºHistory
  • Director£ºHan Sanping, Huang Jianxin
  • Broadcast date£ºJune 15th, 2011
  • Runtime£º140 Minutes
  • Cast£ºLiu Ye, Feng Yuanzheng, Zhang Jiayi, Li Qin, Zhou Runfa, Liu Dehua
  • Synopsis£ºOn October 10th, 1911, the Wuchang Uprising marks a new chapter in Chinese history. Following the uprising, Sun Yat-sen returns to China to become the provisional President of the Republic, and the following year, the provisional Government of the Republic is established. Under the decline of the feudal dynasties and the rise of the Republic, Yuan Shikai usurps the presidency and signs the Twenty-One Demands with Japan behind the scenes aiming at restoring the monarchy. Condemned by the entire nation, the farce of the restoration comes to a quick end. Meanwhile, feuds between warlords bring on new flames of war and pain. 
    Faced with national crisis after crisis, the anguish of passionate Chinese youth and patriots transforms into rage. Some resolve to follow the ideological examples of Western nations while others advocate resurrecting ancient Chinese wisdom in attempt to achieve self-improvement through the restoration. Among others, Chen Duxiu, Li Dazhao, and Mao Zedong seek new hope from the victory of the October Revolution. This historical film takes audiences on a journey to witness socialist fever on the eve of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party.


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