Black & White Episode IThe Dawn of AssaultHD

  • Genre£ºAction
  • Director£ºTsai Yueh-Hsun
  • Broadcast date£ºJune 19th, 2012
  • Runtime£º142 Minutes
  • Cast£ºHuang Bo, Mark Chao, Angelababy, Terri Kwan, Leon Dai, Alex To
  • Synopsis£º In the first case he handles on the job, police officer Wu Yingxiong, assigned to the Major Case Squad of the Southern District Public Security Bureau, speeds recklessly in a brutal car chase,smashing property along several streets. His squad leader subsequently orders him to cease all field duties, but he continues tracking a bizarre case. At the other end of Harbor City, low-ranking gangster Xu Dafu from the West Section of the region¡¯s largest gang, Sanlian, misappropriates the boss¡¯ money to smuggle diamonds for the woman he loves. During the trade, he encounters heavy and mysterious gunfire. Wu Yingxiong comes to the scene amidst the chaos, suspecting a black market transaction. After catching Xu Dafu, the real disaster begins.
     With constant attacks throughout the course of the screenplay, Wu Yingxiong, an officer with a strong sense of justice, and Xu Dafu, a gangster full of humor, team up to fend for their lives. A suitcase loaded with diamonds may be misleading.  Calamity lies ahead, and the Harbor City will be destroyed after 36 hours. The unlikely duo¡¯s ultimate enemy always seems to be one step ahead.


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