Bring Happiness HomeHD

  • Genre£ºComedy
  • Director£ºFu Huayang
  • Broadcast date£ºJanuary 15th, 2013
  • Runtime£º97 Minutes 
  • Cast£ºHe Jiong, Xie Na, Li Weijia, Du Haitao, Wu Xin, Ni Dahong
  • Synopsis£ºBa Song, a profiteer, covets the wealth and beauty of Guaiguai, a Chinese Thai grown-up from a rich family. Ba Song wants to win Guaiguai¡¯s heart by his gallantry. However, Guaiguai doesn¡¯t appreciate what Ba Song has done at all; instead, she loves dogs very much. Guaiguai buys a dog named Lele with 3 million baht lavishly and she hopes that Lele can become famous by participating in Global Dog Beauty Pageant. Therefore, she invites two of the judges of this contest ¨C William, the well-known Chinese dog trainer within Asia, and Harry, a pet hairdresser, to train Lele. In order to make money, William and Harry turn Lele from a normal dog into an elegant princess against their will and let the price of Lele soar overnight. Nevertheless, when the contest is just around the corner, Lele is stolen by the pet thefts Sister Po and Sa Dudu; and it is robbed by Ba Song later. These five funny dog experts present a hilarious but moving comedy in Thailand for us.


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