Where Are We Going? DadHD

  • Genre£ºComedy
  • Director£ºXie Dikui, Lin Yan
  • Broadcast date£ºJanuary 31st , 2014
  • Runtime£º89 Minutes 
  • Cast£ºWang Yuelun, Wang Shiling, Jimmy Lin, Kimi, Tian Liang, Tian Yucheng, Zhang Liang, Zhang Yuexuan, Guo Tao, Guo Zirui, Li Rui
  • Synopsis£ºSet and filmed in Guangzhou Chimelong Safari Park,the reality show Dad, Where Are You Going? received fantastic reviews and ratings, stirring a fever in mainland China. The deep love of celebrity fathers and the sweet faces of their innocent children made a great impression on audiences when this reality show was successfully carried over to the big screen in the beginning of 2014.Five children, Kimi, Tian Yucheng, Wang Shiling, Zhang Yuexuan and Guo Zirui, come to this kingdom of wild animals with their celebrity fathers, Jimmy Lin, Tian Liang, Wang Yuelun, Zhang Liang and Guo Tao, respectively. They spend five adventurous days in close proximity with giraffes, hippos, koalas, and other animals. As arranged by village head Li Rui, the fathers and their children take on a new round of tasks, such as making BBQ pork buns, stirring up snake dens for cooking ingredients, cleaning elephants¡¯ dung, brushing hippos¡¯ teeth, and nursing little tigers. They have close contact with lovely animals during these thrilling adventures. The hearty laughter of the dads and the innocent cheer on the children¡¯s smiling faces ignite desire in viewers to return home to spend time with their loved ones.


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