Black and White: The Dawn of JusticeHD

  • Genre£ºAction
  • Director£ºTsai Yueh-Hsun
  • Broadcast date£ºOctober 1st , 2014
  • Runtime£º126 Minutes 
  • Cast£ºMark Chao, Lin Gengxin, Huang Bo, Xiu Jiekai, Zhang Junning, Guan Ying, Gulnazar
  • Synopsis£ºIn a mysterious video, war is declared on the government of Harbor City. A dozen explosions of suicide bombers descend upon this city and a slew of devastating attacks¡ª on a harbor bridge, on a high-speed train in a tunnel, and on a police station¡ª stir the city.
    During these desperate hours, Wu Yingxiong, a police officer from the major crime squad of Southern Substation, teams up with Chen Zhen, an officer from the criminal investigation and detection group of the Eastern Substation.  The unlikely duo has very different approaches and personalities, but they must put their differences aside to together fulfill the arduous task of saving the city from mass destruction. However, the appearance of the wanted criminal Xu Dafu complicates their plans.
    It turns out that a secret organization known as the Night Stalkers has initiated the ¡°Withered Grass Plan,¡± aiming to destroy the entire city within merely 24 hours. The members of this organization attempt to blockade Harbor City with explosions and release biochemical viruses. Terrorists kidnap wanted criminals¡¯ relatives and force them to serve as suicide bombers. In order to save Xu Dafu¡¯s wife Du Xiaoqing, Wu Yingxiong and Chen Zhen cooperate with forensic detective Lan Xiying and Black Hawk member Huang Shikai to launch a challenge against the Night Stalkers. However, there is a nefarious secret hiding behind this action. Attacked by enemies from all sides, Wu Yingxiong and Chen Zhen cannot differentiate between friend and foe. The night screen has hung down and heroes cannot see the dawn. The time has arrived for the ultimate test of good and evil.


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