Duets Season IIHD

  • Genre£ºSinging Competition Show
  • Episode£º13
  • Director£ºHan Hong
  • Broadcast date£ºApril 19th, 2014
  • Runtime£º88-151 Minutes
  • Cast£ºHuang Qishan, Sun Nan, Tao Zhe, Jam Hsiao
  • First Broadcasting Station£ºBTV
  • Synopsis£ºThe first season of Duets has received rave reviews after its broadcast on BTV. The second season still adheres to the idea of ¡°duet¡±. Every coach sings a duet with his or her trainee and a winning team will emerge after going through several rounds of competition. The second season also makes bold innovations in the show pattern. The production team elaborately designs a new prop called ¡°intelligent manipulator¡±, which is the counterpart to the chair of The Voice of China. When a coach wants to join the duet, he or she can press the button to activate the ¡°intelligent manipulator¡± to hand in the microphone so as to join the contestant. The ¡°intelligent manipulator¡± not only allows them to join the show at any time, but also reflects the equal relationship between the coaches and the trainees, so they can present the audience with positive energy via music.


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