Muse Dress Season 1HD

  • Genre£ºFashion Reality Show
  • Episode£º10
  • Director£ºGong Peng
  • Broadcast date£ºAugust 23, 2014
  • Runtime£º90 Minutes 
  • Cast£ºShang Wenjie¡¢Zhang Xinyu¡¢Mo Xiaoqi¡¢Ye Xuan¡¢NANA¡¢Jia Jingwen¡¢Lynn Hung¡¢Sun Qian¡¢Charlene Choi¡¢Huang Yi
  • First Broadcasting Station£ºDragon TV
  • Synopsis£ºMuse Dress is the first trans-boundary reality fashion show lining up top female stars in China. The first season includes 10 episodes with 6 female stars designing clothes around one theme in each episode. These 6 female stars have to battle for the orders given by four buyers representing the market, the endorsement from the top fashion observers and the support from the live audience, so as to eventually promote their own fashion ideas to market. The show employs an elimination competition system. One ¡°Muse¡¯s team¡± is knocked out in every two episodes and then a new female star leads a different team to fill the vacant seat. The female star with the highest overall ranking score in the season is crowned as the fashion queen. Besides, a stylish male signer is invited as the ¡°Millionaire/Prince Charming¡± in each episode to put on a live show. He participates in the judging panel in the whole course of competition, and he also expresses his unique insights into the muse dress from his point of view. All-star lineup of goddess fills the whole summer with energy and vigor.  


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