Chinese Comedy StarHD

  • Genre£ºComedy
  • Episodes£º12
  • Director£ºChen Huan
  • Broadcast date£ºJanuary 10th, 2014
  • Runtime£º80 Minutes
  • Cast£ºYing Da, Li Liqun, Cao Yunjin, Niu Li
  • First Broadcasting Station£ºZhejiang TV
  • Synopsis£ºThe large-scale commentary comedy reality show Chinese Comedy Star is the third installment in the reality show trilogy aired on Zhejiang TV. Since January 10th, 2014, audience can gather together in front of TVs to watch the show on every Friday night for about three months, which is a great way to spend some quality time with their families. 
    ¡°Sketch, cross talk, skit; talk show, musical show, creative dancing show; it is your time!¡± By categorizing various forms of Chinese comedy, Chinese Comedy Star challenges the stereotype that comedy only refers to sketch and cross talk. It aims to discover the most talented comedians so as to build rising comedy stars comprehensively with all resources. 


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