Top Funny Comedian Season 1HD

  • Genre£ºcomedy
  • Episodes£º13
  • Director£ºShi Jianing
  • Broadcast date£ºApril 25th, 2015
  • Runtime£º90 minutes
  • Cast£ºWu xiubo¡¢Jia ling¡¢song xiaobao¡¢shen teng¡¢wu junru ¡¢liu yiwei¡¢qiao shan
  • First Broadcasting Station£ºDragon TV
  • Synopsis£ºTop Funny Comedian aims to discover comedic talent from ordinary people, so as to deliver happiness and laughter to the public. By combining various performance  techniques such as stand-up, sketches, Chinese folk art, skits, juggling, mime, fast mask-changing, and an array of other techniques Top Funny Comedian comprehensively selects the most versatile comedians.
    Top Funny Comedian contains twelve episodes with the participation of ten teams and 500 audience judges. In every two episodes, the team which ranks last will be eliminated.
    The host of Top Funny Comedian is Mr. Wu Xiubo, as he makes his debut on reality show hosting. Jia Ling, Song Xiaobao, Mahua Fun Age Production Co. Ltd, Liaoning Folk Art Association, Baimei Studio, Xihabaofu Studio also participate in this reality show.


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