Muse Dress Season 2HD

  • Genre£ºFashion Reality Show
  • Episodes£º12
  • Director£ºFu Shunji
  • Broadcast date£ºAugust 8th, 2015 
  • Runtime£º90 Minutes
  • Cast£ºBea Hayden, Yinger, Yoon Eun Hye, Liu Yun, Athena Chu, Huo Siyan, Zoe Zhang, Cherrie Ying
  • First Broadcasting Station£ºDragon TV
  • Synopsis£ºA co-production of Dragon TV and BlueFlame, Muse Dress Season 2 is an upgraded version of its first season.  This season includes twelve episodes starring female competitors. In each episode, these ¡°muses¡± are required to design a collection of a given theme. Five muses devote themselves to every step of apparel design and production and give their best to present a wonderful runway show for their audiences. The five muses maximize their resources to produce their designs, with the goal of pleasing the six ¡°purchasers¡± chosen to serve as representatives of the market demand while gaining the support of top fashionistas and the live audience. In this way, these muses can turn their own fashion ideas into products and promote them in the market. The show follows a ¡°knockout¡± system of eliminating competitors.  In every two episodes, when one competitor is voted out, a new competitor leads a different team to take her place. The muse with the highest overall scores is crowned as the ¡°Fashion Queen¡± at the end of the season. In addition, each episode invites a different stylish male star to be the ¡°Prince Charming.¡± He gives a provocative performance to audiences and remains involved in the evaluation work of the judging panel. In this process, he can express his unique understanding of women¡¯s fashion design from a man¡¯s perspective.


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