The Greatest Love Season 1HD

  • Genre£ºFamily
  • Episodes£º13
  • Director£ºKim Younghee
  • Broadcast date£ºJanuary 23rd, 2016
  • Runtime£º90 minutes
  • Cast£ºHuang Xiaoming, Joe Chan, Du Chun, Zheng Shuang, Gary Chaw, Bao Beier
  • First Broadcasting Station£ºHunan TV
  • Synopsis£ºA co-production of Hunan TV, HLBN, and BlueFlame, The Greatest Love, was Hunan TV¡¯s first program to be produced on an open platform with the participation of market forces.  This original program produced by the famous Korean director Mr. Kim Younghee, who has successfully produced I Am a Singer and the Korean version of Dad, Where Are We Going?. This program emphasizes the traditional virtues of filial piety and familial affection, as six superstars stay with their parents in their hometowns for six days and five nights, and fulfill all their parents¡¯ wishes. As entertaining as it is touching, The Greatest Love especially stands out for its sincerity.


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