Ultimate CrossoverHD

  • Genre£ºFirst Chinese crossover singing competition show
  • Episodes£º12
  • Director£ºSong Ke, Gao Xiaosong, Eric Moo
  • Broadcast date£ºMay 28th, 2016
  • Runtime£º90 minutes
  • Cast£ºLiu Tao, Wang Kai, Qin Hailu, Li Guangjie, Pan Yueming, Ba Tu, Bai Baihe, Cholam Wang, Wang Ziwen, Nnadia Chan
  • First Broadcasting Station£ºBTV
  • Synopsis£ºUltimate Crossover is a large-scale, top-quality singing competition show broadcast on BTV, in which celebrities from different industries unite to compete for the crown of this crossover talent show. The show has been aired on BTV at 9:18 p.m. every Saturday since May 28th, 2016. Ultimate Crossover aims to transcend the boundary between different categories of the entertainment industry, collecting popular stars from television, film, and music. While the featured celebrities have all proven masters of different trades, they share one common dream: musical performance. On the stage of Ultimate Crossover, contestants have the opportunity to live that dream, showcase their musical talents on a world platform, and battle for the crown. The first season of Ultimate Crossover consists of twelve episodes, including ten qualifying rounds, one semi final, and one final.
    Ultimate Crossover transcends the boundary between different sectors of the entertainment industry and strikes a balance between entertainment and social responsibility. Ultimate Cross over also uses an innovative stage design and employs a unique judging system which consists of three levels: a singing round, a musical performance round, and a character round.
    In the first level of the competition, the singing round, a judging panel formed by professional musicians such as Song Ke, Gao Xiaosong, and Eric Moo,determine which celebrities can advance and which must walk. Contestants must win over judges by virtue of their singing talents alone before they even have the chance to advance to other rounds, which will test other aspects of their performance.
    The second level of the competition is the musical performance round, in which celebrities show their versatility to entertain audiences. Not only do celebrities sing their hearts out, but must also make use of a diverse range of performance skills to capture audiences. They reinterpret classics with their powerful storytelling techniques. To guarantee the execution, Crossover Vocalist hires world-class production, choreography, sound, and stylist teams in preparation for the celebrities¡¯ musical performances.  
    In the third level of the competition, the character round,Ultimate Crossover adopts the form of a reality show as a complement to on-stage performance. Here, the contestants have the chance to win over audiences¡¯ hearts by virtue of their personalities, including factors such as their personalities, outlook on music and life, and willingness to work to pursue their dreams. With this unique competition system, Ultimate Crossover is so much more than simply a singing competition. It also provides an opportunity for its stars to liberate themselves while pushing the limits of their talent in ways they may never have dreamed possible.


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