Hey MuseHD

  • Genre£ºFashion reality show
  • Episodes£º12
  • Director£ºFu Shunji
  • Broadcast date£ºSeptember 3rd,2016
  • Runtime£º90 Minutes
  • Cast£ºFan Bingbing,Lin Zhiling,He Sui,Zhang Li,Wu Xin,Lin Hai,Rong Zuer,Qin Lan,Wang Likun
  • First Broadcasting Station:Dragon TV
  • Synopsis£ºHey Muse, a crossover fashion reality show made by Dragon TV and BlueFlame, is the updated version of Muse Dress Season 2. This reality show vividly demonstrates the conflicts and sparks between designers, female stars and buyers, as well as different fashion ideas of each episode. One distinctive characteristic of Muse Dress Season 3 is that it adds the charity auction into the show. All funds raised in the charity auction will be donated to Harper's Bazaar. Also, it is the only Chinese T2O reality show which enables the audience to buy outfits while enjoying the show.  Muse Dress is extremely popular among the audience, especial those who are into fashion. 


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