• Genre£ºRomance
  • Director£ºHuo Yaoliang
  • Broadcast date£ºFebruary 12, 2013
  • Runtime£º94 Minutes 
  • Cast£ºZhen Zidan, Yang Ying, Ke Zhendong, Chen Yanxi, Huang Zongze, Zhou Xiuna
  • Synopsis£ºIn the first story Donnie Yen plays a traffic cop called Cool Sir who has a disability that prevents him from smiling. Jojo is a young woman suffering from amnesia who Cool Sir stops for speeding one day. The two of them share their experiences of being sick and slowly fall in leave despite Jojo¡¯s parents objections.  The budding relationship is put to the test when Jojo¡¯s fianc¨¦e who has been missing for two years suddenly reappears and causes Jojo to have an amnesic episode and completely forget Cool Sir.In the second story Boy is the youngest member of a wire tapping team who meets Nam Lee during an operation. Boy is introverted and warm hearted while Nam Lee is ambitious and independent. Despite personality differences, Boy falls for Nam Lee and they agree to pay a game of seven days of romance where they can only enjoy romance not love. By the end of the seven days Nam Lee has succumbed to Boy and is in love with them but their love is to be tested when Boy investigates Nam Lee¡¯s company.


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