War FlowersHD

  • Genre£ºWar
  • Episodes£º50
  • Director£ºLu Lunchang
  • Broadcast date£ºJanuary, 2017
  • Runtime£º40 Minutes
  • Cast£ºHan Xue, Fu Xinbo, Mao Linlin, Zhang Danfeng, Li Zefeng
  • First Broadcasting Station£ºJiangxi TV, Tianjin TV
  • Synopsis£ºThis story is set in Shanghai during the Anti-Japanese war. Young woman Han Shuying is set up by her aunt and forced to marry the local magnate Xie Bingyan as a concubine. Under the influence of the patriotic teacher Li Wenxuan, Shuying decides to run away and devote herself to the movement of saving China. Nevertheless, her plan is found out by Xie Ruoxue, the daughter of Xie Bingyan. Xie Ruoxue tries to frame Han Shuying because she disapproves her to marry her father. At this very moment, Xie Bingyan is shot by Japanese for refusing betraying his mother country. After going through everything, Shuying is deeply moved by Xie Bingyan¡¯s patriotism so she chooses to stay and protect this big family. With the help of Li Wenxuan, Shuying successfully brings Ruoxue to Shanghai. In the time of turbulence, they are not only ¡°mother and daughter¡±, but also war flowers who devote their youth to save China.


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