Lost Love in TimesHD

  • Genre£ºHistory
  • Episodes£º56
  • Director£ºLin Yufen
  • Broadcast date£ºJune,2017
  • Runtime£º45 Minutes
  • Cast£ºLiu Shishi, William Chan
  • First Broadcasting Station£ºDragon TV
  • Synopsis£ºDuring Datong in the Kingdom of Wei, treacherous court officials dominant the court and the rule of royals are compromised. The secret witchcraft organization MingYi Lou, which has been devoting itself to defending the royals since its establishment,is destroyed because it is framed of committing insurgent activities. Feng Qingchen(played by Liu Shishi), heir of Ming Yi Lou, is determined to find out the truth behind all of it. Running into great difficulties in this process, she is rescued by the prince Yuan Ling (played by William Chan). Gradually, Qingchen realized that Yuan Ling is the perfect King to rule the Kingdom of Wei. Therefore, despite her deep feelings towards him, Qingchen chooses to help Yuan Ling as the head of Ming Yi Lou with everything she can possibly offer. Due to her efforts, Yuan Ling reconcile with his younger brother Yuan Zhan and remove the treacherous court officials from the court.The name of Ming Yi Lou is also cleaned. When Yuan Ling finally becomes the King,people of Wei anticipate a great future for their country....


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