Wonderful LifeHD

  • Genre£ºModern
  • Episodes£º45
  • Director£ºLiu Jin
  • Broadcast date£ºFebruary 2018
  • Runtime£º45 Minutes
  • Cast£ºZhang Jiayi, Li Xiaoran, Song Dandan, Niu Li, Xin Baiqing, Li Naiwen, Jiang Yan
  • First Broadcasting Station£ºBeijing TV, Dragon TV
  • Synopsis£ºAfter living in the US for a decade, Xu Tian decides to move back to China when he witnesses his wife¡¯s infidelity, leading to his divorce from her. His heart also happens to fail him right when his plane lands in Beijing. Luckily for him, he receives a heart transplant operation soon after. Liang Xiaohui, a newly married book editor, becomes a widow when her husband, a police officer, dies in action. Prior to his death, her husband chooses to be an organ donor; Xu Tian is the recipient of her late husband¡¯s heart. Liang Xiaohui dwells in her sorrow and decides to meet the recipient of her late husband¡¯s heart. She meets Xu Tian through his mother¡¯s dating agency. After their first encounter, Liang Xiaohui and Xu Tian are immediately attracted to each other and become soul mates. However, Liang Xiaohui hesitates when Xu Tian wants to take things to next step. She is not sure whether she is falling for him, or if she is drawn to Xu Tian just because he resembles her late husband in some ineffable way. Soon after, former psychologist Bian Zhijun, fresh off a divorce from his domineering ex wife, enters Liang Xiaohui¡¯s life and helps her through her hard times. At the same time, Liang Xiaohui¡¯s assistance Jia Xiaoduo also falls for Xu Tian. Thing become even more complicated when Xu Tian¡¯s wife reenters the picture. Will Xu Tian ever find true happiness? 


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