Love's LiesHD

  • Genre£ºModern
  • Episodes£º44
  • Director£ºYu Chun
  • Broadcast date£ºApril 2018
  • Runtime£º45 Minutes
  • Cast£ºLuo Jin, Pan Zhilin
  • First Broadcasting Station£ºBeijing TV, Dragon TV
  • Synopsis£ºOne day at work, Tan Doudou unknowingly receives a package containing meth. The person who sent the package is Tan Doudou¡¯s ex fiance Jin Yuan who left her at the altar seven years earlier. In order to figure out why Jin Yuan sent her the package and didn¡¯t show up to their wedding, Tan Doudou escapes from the police and heads to the city from which Jin Yuan sent the package from, only to find out that Jin Yuan now works for a drug dealing organization. Despite the couple¡¯s broken past and Jin Yuan¡¯s illegal activities, Tan Doudou still finds herself in love with him and determines to save him from the criminal organization... What she doesn¡¯t know is that Jin Yuan is actually an undercover policeman planted in this drug dealing organization with a secret mission, leaving him unable to both love her and fulfill his duties at the same time.


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