Cinderella ChefHD

  • Genre£ºHistory
  • Episodes£º56
  • Director£ºZhao Jintao, Zhang Jinqing
  • Broadcast date£ºApril, 2018
  • Runtime£º35 Minutes
  • Cast£ºZhong Danni , BIE KPN
  • First Broadcasting Station£ºv.qq.com
  • Synopsis£ºYe Jiayao is a modern optimistic girl who is talented in cooking. By accident, she travels back to ancient China, only to find she is the daughter of a county magistrate and is kidnapped by a bandit organization named Black Wind. As a result, she is forced to marry Xia Chunyu (starring BIE KPN), a high-level leader of the Black Wind. What Ye Jiayao does not know is that Xia Chunyu is actually a prince-turned-informant planted in the Black Wind by the imperial government with a secret mission to destroy this group of bandits. Xia Chunyu is a prince. During their time in Black Wind, they are drawn to each other and fall in love... But whether their love survive the upcoming turbulence when Ye Jiayao finds out Xia Chunyu¡¯s true identity as he nears his completion of his mission. After Black Wind is destroyed, Ye Jiayao and Xia Chunyu are separated. Not until they are apart from each other, does Xia Chunyu realize how much he is in love with her... After parting ways, Ye Jiayao goes to the capital city Jinling and becomes a famous chef there. In Jinling city, Ye Jiayao and Xia Chunyu reunite... But will they rekindle their relationship? And how will all the scheming and political turmoil in Jinling affect them?


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