The Way We WereHD

  • Genre£ºModern
  • Episodes£º50
  • Director£ºLiu Jiang
  • Broadcast date£ºMay, 2018
  • Runtime£º45 Minutes
  • Cast£ºTang Yan , Luo Jin
  • First Broadcasting Station£ºBeijing TV, Dragon TV
  • Synopsis£ºShu Che, Xiao Qing, Miu Ying, Ning Ming are four elite overseas students studying in America. Shu Che and Miu Ying used to be a couple, but were forced to break up due to shady business between Shu Che¡¯s father, a mayor, and Miu Ying¡¯s father, a powerful businessman. On the other hand, Xiao Qing¡¯s father is an honorable prosecutor; his daughter is very proud of him and his work. Xiao Qing¡¯s honesty attracts the attention of Shu Che who later falls in love with her. Contrary to Shu Che¡¯s expectations, her father becomes the lead prosecutor in Shu Che¡¯s father case, and Shu Che unexpectedly becomes the key witness in the case. Between love and justice, what will she choose? Will their love survive this turmoil?


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